Reading & Drawing

As I recently stated on my Facebook & Twitter (though I’m sure no one reading this seen that), I am going to start reading & drawing more! Not that these things much affect others, besides the fact that some enjoy my art. I just wanted to write about it anyways! That is, after all, what a blog is for, yes?

I’ve never been much of a reader. I get too distracted by other things, I suppose. I read required books in middle/high school, and only a few just for fun. I remember reading The Outsiders for class, which I thought was a great book that I’d like to read again some time. Others that I’ve read for my own satisfaction were “The Janie Johnson series.” I actually rented and read all 4 of them from my middle school’s library, (but that’s so long ago)! Not sure why I didn’t continue reading much. Of course, I have read The Hobbit a number of times over the past 10 years, as well as the LOTR Trilogy a couple of times (after seeing the films.)

Recently, I finally picked up The Silmarillion, but I’m scared to dig into that. I also want to start the LOTR trilogy over again… It’s been a while since I’ve read FOTR, and I’m really longing to again soon. BUT, ALSO after finally seeing The Hunger Games twice this past weekend, and LOVING IT, I impulsively picked up the first book today before work. So HEY, I got a whole other trilogy to start on! Not to mention a whole lot of other Middle-earth books that have been sitting in my room waiting to be actually read, front to back.

Last but not least, I’d like to get into my Bible more. I’ve read it in passages throughout my life, and once tried to go through it from Genesis to Revelation, but anyone who’s read (or attempted to read) The Bible knows how repetitive and boring the Old Testament is… But I know it’s really important, and as a “Christian” I’d like to learn and grow to understand more.

Then there is drawing. Something I’ve loved to do for as long as I can remember, yet another thing I’d love to do a lot more of. My most recent sketches I’ve done have been my best, by far. I’m getting much better at it. Not to sound conceited, but I think I’m really good at drawing, as in, I honestly think it’s the one thing I really excel at. If interested, you can visit, but I also have some art up on here. I have so many photos piled up (in a folder on my laptop) waiting to be transmitted from my brain onto paper (I always need a reference when I draw, I simply don’t feel that I can from memory or imagination), but I only follow through and finish one every few months. What if I did a sketch a day? o_O that might be too much, but who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll be up for the challenge.

Well that’s all I have for now. Goodnight and namarië!


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