The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WORLD PREMIERE!

So today… today was just…


I managed to sleep in to about 8:30, got in my Hobbit attire, then met in the lobby around 9:30. Arwen, Katie, Abi, Jen, Jeff, and I picked up some foods for the Second Breakfast in front of the Embassy hosted by Wellymoot. I also picked up a premiere souvenir edition of The Dominion Post newspaper for this special day 😉 and we continued down to Courtenay Place. Whoooo! Saw the Red Carpet, “Hobbit World Premiere” signs, and 3 giant Trolls that WETA workers were still perfecting!! Surprisingly, there were a lot of open spaces along the rail. And, they had a big ‘ol Hobbit hole stage set up! It was SO awesome!

William, Bert & Tom 🙂

While hanging out at the Second Breakfast, Arwen & I heard the name “Lawrence”, looked over, & realized Lawrence Makoare, who plays Lurtz (Uruk-hai leader, as well as the Witch King & others), was signing autographs! We ran over to the mob surrounding, and just waited with our journals out; “I’ve never done this before!!” “I know!!” Hahaha, it was fun. I got his autograph, said thank you, and he commented on my Hobbit journal.

Lawrence Makoare

After the excitement of meeting our first cast member, we then talked with Martyn who was a Hobbit extra, and he introduced us to 2 more LOTR/Hobbit extras! “See that man over there in the eye patch? He was in Lord of the Rings.”  This man was Wayne Phillips, an extra in the Helm’s Deep battle in The Two Towers, and a citizen of Laketown in The Desolation of Smaug. He was so nice! With him was Craig Gillan, who played an Uruk-hai at Helm’s Deep, and a dead soldier on the fields of Pelennor. We talked with them, and boy they had stories; about the torture of filming Helm’s Deep scenes. Dead arms, dead everything, cold, wet, heavy armor, all night in the giant rainstorm so you couldn’t see… it sounded terribly awesome! XD It was great hearing the behind the scene stories straight from the ones who endured it all! At the end, we got photos with & thanked them for their time to chat with us.

Craig Gillan & Wayne Phillips, LOTR extras!

The rest of the day, between 11ish-4ish is kind of a blur. Arwen, Jen & I stood the ground in our spot by the rail, while the others went to the Hobbit Artisan Market. This is when I finally posted a little video to Facebook telling all where I was today! Then it was time the 3 of us visited the Market. I walked the streets of Wellington proudly in my bare hobbit feet, and we passed what we’re pretty sure was the hotel the stars were staying at. XD

At the Artisan Market, we checked out the Stansborough Wool booth, where we learned about their small family business that was contacted by Warner Brothers for use of their scarves, hats, etc. in Peter Jackson’s films. That’s pretty cool 🙂 Wandered around, scored some random stuff, and talked with a Weta sculpture artist.

Back at our post, Mike revealed to us that he received a ticket to the screening tonight… WHAT! Then, Kristi, Jen & I joined he & his wife Nicole for some lunch in The Library, an awesome café in the upstairs part of a building in the middle of the city. It had books piled up everywhere, really cool. I stuck with my cucumber water, Kristi got hot chocolate, Nicole & Jen, cheese & fruit, and Mike, crème brûlée. It was so quiet up here… at one point, we looked out the window down to the street, “What’s going on out there? Those people are crazy.” XD

We headed back to our spot, right against the rail, & I tried to decide what to have the famous people sign… OMG!! XD The real thought of getting LOTR cast members autographs!! Journal or my giant Air NZ autograph sheet… I decided on the sheet, as it would be easier to hold & sign. I got my Sharpie out, and was READY. (Lol, I go into insane detail in my personal journal, of where everyone was standing to the positions & comfort of my feet while waiting XD) Katie was beside me, and we just freaked out the whole time, fan-girling — ahhhhh!!! ❤

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit!!!!”

People started walking down the carpet, handing out Gandalf hats from a little wagon. I got one 🙂 OHHHH MY. THEN LITTLE HOBBITS WALKED ON BY! They were soooo CUUUTE!!! And so real! Their feets, their cute little accents, outfits, & personalities… hahah! Also, it was a beautiful day — couldn’t have been more perfect! As was pretty much every other day on this tour (maybe that’s just how New Zealand is… perfect.)


Soon, we counted down from 10, and the live band started! I didn’t realize who it was at first, but I recognized the song “Don’t Dream it’s Over”, and once they played “Song of the Lonely Mountain”, I realized it was Neil Finn (from the band Crowded House)! After that, Peter Jackson was first to be interviewed, and was asked about challenges of the film, what it was like coming back to Hobbiton, seeing Wellington today, etc. Following PJ was Martin Freeman (Bilbo), Barry Humphries (Great Goblin), Aidan Turner & Dean O’Gorman (Kili & Fili, they had some “bromance” questions XD) some of the other Dwarves, Richard Armitage (Thorin) & his wife, and Katie Jackson (remember her & her brother Billy in FOTR, TTT, & ROTK?) She is 16 now, super pretty, & really funny! She was asked about being a Tolkien fan, and if she’d continue the family movie business. I’m pretty sure this was her first big, public event, and she did great! Next was Andy Serkis — we got to hear his Gollum voice IN REAL LIFE! XD AND, lastly, ELIJAH WOOD. As soon as he spoke 2 words, I was like “oh my gosh! oh my goshhh, ahhhh!!!” XD XD It was pretty awesome. He talked about returning to Courteny Place for another World Premiere, and how The Hobbit was 3 films, and LOTR could have easily been 6, 7 or 8 XD (I WISH!)

Pete spoke one more time, and then the normal, not known-but-probably-important people walked down the Carpet! I got bursts of excitement & the realization hit me! :B :3 !! ❤ SO EXCITED. Then I started spotting the famous people!! First to walk by was Stephen Hunter (Bombur), Graham McTavish (Dwalin), & James Nesbitt (Bofur)! We watched Air NZ’z Hobbit plane fly overhead, that was cool! Next, Neil Finn walked by & I got his autograph, and RICHARD ARMITAGE!!! THORIN!!! I met him & got his autograph! How are we even actually here in the FRONT row seeing & meeting these people!!?! YOU KNOW WHO I SAW NEXT? I FREAKING SAW ANDY SERKIS. He passed by so quickly though! Next I saw Mark Hadlow (Dori), Dean O’Gorman (Fili), and MARTIN FREEMAN!!!! FJLKSDFJSLDKFJJSFL SO CUUUUTE!! XD I’m sorry, but, his nose, his smile, and that surprised look he always has.. ah! He was getting closer & closer, made it all the way to Katie (right next to me), then switched sides, and never came back! So I did not get to meet Bilbo. After him we spotted Aidan Turner (Kili); what a handsome one that dwarf is! And yes I did get his autograph 🙂 It went like this: “Thank you Aidan!” “No problem!” XD Oh my goodness… then… I spotted Elijah. Elijah Wood was only, what, 15 feet from me, & only getting closer! I was maybe freaking out a lot but trying to contain it to be normal so I could manage getting an autograph! 😛 He was so adorable! and short! XD Frodo :3 ❤ awwww. He was very close, & everyone around me was shouting for him to come over, & then at just a few people down from me, he went to the other side! Ohhh NO! He eventually came back over, but further down, & I eventually lost hope, realizing no one generally comes backwards down the line of fans :/ Ah, but this is not the last you’ll be hearing of Elijah… oh no, it’s not! 😉




Anyways, next was… the man himself: SIR PETER JACKSON!!! AHHH!!! What a real Hobbit, he is! 😀 I heard Elvish ask him to sign her camera, to which he replied “You.. you want me to sign your camera? I don’t see how that’s going to work — oh, I see.” XD When he got to me, he took my autograph page, held onto it, looked across the crowd & waved at someone, and I thought, “Ohh.. please remember who’s page that is & give it back to me!!” XD Then he signed it & gave it right back, and I thanked him 🙂 so yeah uh I MET PETER JACKSON. YES!

Peter Jackson signing my page 😀

After him, the stars began to grow scarce. I saw Peter Hambleton (Glóin), the back of Hugo Weaving’s head (ELROND), and Richard Taylor, and his partner Tania Rodger! (for those less familiar with the behind the scenes stuff, Richard is the founder of Weta, the special effects/prop company for all the Middle-earth films, & many more.) Hmm.. then Cate Blanchett SPEED ROCKETED through with a face of what appeared as determination… where was she headed? XD I hardly had time to snap a photo! And I remember hearing Elvish yell, “let me out!! LET ME OUT!” in order to follow her. Elvish dressed in a beautiful Galadriel gown, with a goal today to get it signed by Cate. She was really determined, & got a whole lot of the crowd to help her out! It was awesome!


Watched as some more “average” 😉 people walked by, then finally some jerk comes strolling down in his Converse & sunglasses 😛 Ha, just kidding, it was Mike!! Whoo! We all cheered as he walked by. He hugged & kissed Nicole across the railing & it was so cute :3 hahaha. One guy behind her was like, “Who was that guy?” Nicole: “My husband.” Guy: “Yeah, but who is he?” XD Well, that seemed to be about it, but WAIT! I heard someone say “there’s John Rhys-Davies!” And what do you know, there came John down the opposite side of the railing! By this time most of the crowd was gone & we were just hanging out until the very end. I didn’t get to meet John at all, but then I saw a girl in a pink sparkly dress, with short hair & high heels, signing things, wondered who it was. Of course, it was Evangeline Lilly!!! She was SO sweet!! (She plays Tauriel & Kate from LOST!) She was taking photos with everyone who wanted them, signing everyone’s stuff, chatting, and was just so nice! When she came to me, I got her autograph & asked if I could have a photo with her, she was like, “Of course!!!” AHH 🙂 I said “Thank you, Evangeline!” & got a genuine “you’re welcome” accompanied by a smile.


Well, she was the last of them. We then headed down the street in search of food, & found a nice place where I ordered a massive margherita pizza & a Coke. We just discussed all that just happened. WE WERE JUST AT THE HOBBIT WORLD PREMIERE & MET PETER JACKSON & DWARVES & EVERYONE & I SAW ELIJAH WOOD. I must admit, though meeting all that I did, especially Pete, I was so happy & grateful, but there was still something missing; a little void in my heart for not meeting Elijah… for real, I felt this.. :/ haha.. still an AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE day though & not ALL hope is lost because there’s always the future, plus he’s not gone yet !  While we ate we discussed who was interested in going back to the Embassy Theater & waiting outside before the film ends. Nicole & I were for sure going, because we needed our chance to meet Elijah, as we are equally obsessed 😉 Elvish was in, too, to get another go at getting her dress signed by Cate Blanchett.

happy after the Premiere 🙂

We made a quick stop at the hotel, then us 3 were off again to see the stars!! Lol.. Elvish dropped her broach & RIGHT when it hit the ground, the street lamp went out, and as soon as she got it clasped back on, the light flicked back on! what the!? So that got us talking about weird super powers. I don’t know. We arrived at the Theater, the red carpet was all rolled up now, & people were  all over the streets, waiting. We lost Elvish in the process of deciding where to stand would be best, then found an open spot in front of 3 cars; “This is Elijah’s car. Or one of these 3. For sure.” XD We talked & waited for about 40 minutes, and then there was movement & voices — the first person had emerged, & suddenly I saw him, it was Elijah Wood!! XD Nicole & I ran up to the front for a view & a chance, but too many people were in the way, and he was walking pretty fast, not signing anything!! Then he passed us. We were just like in FOLLOW HIM mode. XD So we ended up back at the open spot by the cars, and the next thing I know, Elijah is up at the rail signing a few things. I was TWO FEET AWAY FROM HIM!!! And I was just like OH MY GOD WHAT. IF ANYTHING, NOW IS MY FREAKING CHANCE!!!!!

I just walked right up to him, shaking like crazy, uncapped my Sharpie, held my page out, & said, “Please sign, Elijah.” XD WE WERE SO CLOSE. WHAT THE WHAAAT!!!!! I’ve dreamt of this moment my whole life. HAHA!! And then it happened… ELIJAH WOOD signed my page, and I literally ended up being his last autograph… He turned to get in the back right door of the car, I held out my hand and said “Elijah, wait!” AND, READY?


TOOK MY HAND (Elijah Wood took my hand),

shook my hand, and then turned & got in his car… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 !!!! :)) ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀 :’) (: ❤ ❤ ❤

what just happened. His handshake was awesome & nice & genuine. Nicole immediately grabbed my hand he shook & we were just freaking out & hugging & fangirling! I JUST MET ELIJAH WOOD. This was one of my life goals, ever since I was literally a little kid. Oh. my. gosh. 😀 And the fact that he actually turned back to shake my hand. I can’t even believe it 🙂

For some reason, Nicole & I started walking away right away, but then realized, what are we doing!? We went back, talked, and realized there were still more celebrities to come — not just Elijah! I saw Sylvester McCoy walk by (Radagast!), then Andy Serkis!! He wasn’t really coming over to us, but this is when it gets awesome: Nicole felt something on her head, she thought it was Mike, BUT it was a giant microphone coming RIGHT between her & I :O Guys with cameras & mics flag Andy over to us, and ask, “How was the film, Andy?” SERIOUSLY? This is not real life. Andy Serkis is being interviewed right in between us! XD After one question (which ended up in next morning’s paper), he signed a few things, including my paper, then I asked for a photo. And so, I got a picture with Andy Serkis! After that I was in more awe… all this has literally been my life dreams.

Eventually Cate Blanchett came out. It was amazing, across the way, everyone was surrounding Elvish yelling, “CATE! SIGN THE DRESS!” Omg 🙂 She almost didn’t, but then we saw her march STRAIGHT over to her! WOOHOO ELVISH!! She made her goal & got her dress signed! So then Mike joined us, we all shared our days experiences, & found Elvish, who was oh so very happy 🙂 She exclaimed, “I GOT MY DRESS SIGNED BY CATE!!!!” To which I replied, “I MET ELIJAH WOOOOOD!!!” *HUG* So happy!

Then us 4 walked along, got some ice cream, Elvish & I shared a “Hokey Pokey”, then back to the hotel. We said bye to Nicole, for maybe forever! She’s awesome. Then said goodnight to everyone, & I typed all this up so I had all the details fresh 🙂 Then sleep! BEST. DAY. EVERRRRRRRR! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

–> view all of Day 6: The Hobbit World Premiere photos here on my Flickr


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