Ferry Day / “Just Narnia Stuff”

Today was… well, nothing more than the best ferry ever! We boarded first thing in the morning, and had an awesome view from the very top. Mike showed us from afar the land they used for the town of Dale! And Elvish & I sang “Into the West” as we floated along the Cook Strait. Ahh! Then we passed Pukerua Bay and actually SAW Peter Jackson’s home on the coast!

Good morning, New Zealand!

It was a long while before we came into view of the South Island, and even longer until we arrived. We all gathered into the coach, and again we were off!  After a bit of a drive, we stopped in Picton for lunch, then continued driving for about 2 hours. Saw some seals chillin’ on the rocks along the coast, and watched some of The Fellowship of the Ring. At the part where Bilbo freaks out, Mike yells, “Eyy calm down, Scotty!” XD  We stopped in Kaikoura for a break, more driving…

Seals on the coast 🙂

After long hours we finally arrived at our hotel in Christchurch. Another Sudima Hotel with no elevators. Pretty sure we got lost even just trying to find our floor! When it came time for dinner, we had 3 options. Wait until 8 to eat at the expensive hotel restaurant, McDonalds, or the nearby airport café. So Elvish & I just decided to wander over to the airport. It was rainy out — oh yeah, it had been all day. The ONE day where all we do is drive, it rains. Perfect 😀

I chose Burger King (lol), she got sushi. As we sat & ate, we discussed how we would tell our families about all our adventures. :3  Back at the hotel we just relaxed the rest of the night, aaand that’s about it. Not the most eventful day!



“Just Narnia Stuff” – November 30, 2012


It was a breakfast-at-8, depart-by-9 day. After breakfast we took a quick driving tour through Christchurch, and saw some of the damage from last year’s earthquake. Then we were off to Castle Hill! Those were some awesome boulders, also the location of the Last Battle in Narnia’s The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.

Upon arrival, we ate our yummy provided lunches, then explored the cool rocks! I wore my Gandalf hat today, so that was fun to take photos with at these heights, along with the mountainous background! We also made a short video of each of us walking through a rock to the main Fellowship theme. XD I wonder where that is…


After playing around there, we stopped in Springfield (there was a giant doughnut, like the Simpsons XD) for ice cream! I got the New Zealand famous “hokey pokey”, but traded it with Elvish for her “goody goody gumdrop.” As soon as we got ice cream, it got chilly out. XD As we continued driving, we played a movie/tv themes guessing game. The only one I got right, I think, was Seinfeld.

We arrived at our hotel in Methven around 3:30. After getting all settled in, Kylie & I decided to see what everyone else was up to. We joined them all sitting by the fire, chatting and snacking on yummy seasoned wedge fries. Haha, Scotty had us play a guessing game for his age and real first name. XD That was fun. After a bit we headed to dinner. I sat with Katie, Abi, Mike & Scotty, and ordered a delicious cream of garlic soup with bread.

After dinner, folks headed to their rooms. I found Elvish, Katie & Abi pillow fighting in the hall! Then we all sat, and it turned into a moot where more joined in. Mike says, “I know what we could play! *points at the emergency hose* The River Anduin!” XD We started sharing our weird “talents” (which I won’t share here), and played the Isengard game we made up earlier. One person points at a new person for each segment of: “THE HOBBITS – THE HOBBITS – THE HOBBITS – THE HOBBITS – TO ISENGARD – TO ISENGARD!” and the last person it lands on, is the next to point. Silly game, and probably only fun to us on this day. XD Oh gosh, then we ended with playing word association… HILARIOUS. There were so many words — it went on forever, and we couldn’t repeat. Sometimes they seemed to have no relation, until the explanation. And sometimes they led into short discussions. My favorite was, “Bomb” – “badil!!” XD and “Denethor.” … “Burning.” XD Of course, a lot of LOTR stuff was brought up. It was a fun night, and eventually we all said our goodnights.

–> view all of Day 7/8: Ferry/Narnia photos here on my Flickr


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