Hello and welcome to my art page! Most of what you’ll find here are drawings, and most are from Middle-earth… but there are a few other things I’ve done 😉 Some doodles, some sketches that took time, some school assignments… I hope you like them!


Kate Winslet
Quick sketch I did for Tolkien’s birthday


During all the Hunger Games hype, I had to do a drawing 😛


My pumpkin carving, Halloween 2012!
Gandalf sketch I did on a paper towel, while bored at work 🙂
Sting sketch on a paper towel
Minas Tirith – inky pen on a post-it note, bored at work
The Argonath, another paper towel doodle


Fool of a Took! I was so satisfied with the outcome of this one!
The White Tree of Gondor, my pumpkin carving Halloween 2011 🙂
Paper towel doodles while bored at work
Bag End, based on John Howe’s “Interior of Bag End”

Bag End doodle on the back of a school assignment


“I made a promise.”
School assignment on Peter Jackson
I feel bad for destroying a Tolkien book, but it was for art! XD


Pan’s Labyrinth



2006 & prior ~


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